Hello, Destitute Future-Self

Wow, hello old blog. Been quite some time since I last wrote one of these but here goes.

When I first started writing blogs, during my final year at university, I thought to myself that this was probably a massive waste of time. Nobody will want to read this rambling prose, it’s not really making a point about anything in particular and so far I’ve yet to be visited my a smiling Mr. Pulitzer or his prize committee – and yet, blinded by youthful naivety, I persevered. Alas, experience (and Google Analytics) soon taught me that my instincts were probably right, and the thought that I was writing for nobody in particular made it difficult to find the motivation to continue – hence the gaping chronological void between this blog and the last.

Anyway, that was then and this is now. Now I realise that what this blog really is, and has been from the start, is a sort of career diary. It doesn’t matter that my mother makes up 50% of the readership, it’s just nice to throw up a quick blog about my latest project or something that I found particularly inspiring, because then I’ll always have a record of my creative journey to look back on.

One day, when I’m old and drunk and homeless, I’ll pack up my chalks and leave my paving-slab canvas to the rain, stagger into an internet café and hand over my hat-full of change to the clerk. I’ll pour my creaking bones into a plastic chair, warm my hands with a coffee, visit my old blog and smile, sans teeth, sans regret, at past glories and silly doodles.



Therefore, as not to deprive my destitute future-self, I’ll be writing a series of short retrospective blogs covering the two-year blackout since my last blog. There have been a fair few projects since then, but I’ll try to keep it short sweet, painless and picture-packed for the brave few who choose to read. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll see a notification whenever a new blog is posted, which should alleviate any niggling worries and bouts of insomnia caused by the thought of missing one.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading, enjoy the new site and I’ll be back soon.


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