Oops, Been A While!


Peperami Print Campaign A


Well, so much for regular blog updates. It’s not my fault, honest, I mistakenly purchased a Playstation 3 and lost a month’s worth of free time to Metal Gear Solid. Blogging has suffered, but on the bright side I’d probably be able to infiltrate an enemy base armed only with a chloroform-soaked hanky and a swanky bandana – if ever I needed to…

Thankfully however, the design work has continued parallel to bouts of virtual espionage. Mostly I’ve been working on small commissions to try and raise a bit of cash, but there has been time for personal work too. It’s definitely important to keep the fun stuff going alongside professional commissions, as it helps to maintain and develop your individual style.

Early last month I was cordially invited by my talented friends Chrissy and Leanne to collaborate on a fun little project for Peperami, who were looking for innovative ways to advertise their new ‘Peperami Bites’. Leaving the expert character designer to work up some expert character designsand the expert storyboarder to produce an expert storyboard, I set to work on a couple of print campaigns to support the main concept.

I thought the combined results were fantastic, but only time will tell if the Peperami-folk agree!

So overall I suppose three lessons have been learned this month:

1) Personal work is good, make work for fun not just for money.

2) It’s good to collaborate, different people have different strengths and you will learn a great deal by working with them.

3) No matter how much time you waste playing games, you will never be as cool as Solid Snake.


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