Twenty Thirteen: Prologue

I was hoping that the Mayans were right, I was hoping that my blogging days were to be cut short by some indeterminate cataclysm. The end of the world would have been sad an’ all, but at least my terminal case of writers block would have been euthanised, and I’d be floating blissfully in the great beyond rather than wringing my stupid brain out in front of a screen. I’m not a blogger, I don’t even like the word blogger. Bloggers are extroverts and enthusiasts with a pathological need to share. Perez Hilton is a good example of a blogger, make of that what you will. I’m an introvert who cares deeply about his work but doesn’t particularly want to shout about it, and yet here I am again.

Most people of my introspective persuasion would have conceded to it by now, but my compulsive tendencies prevent me from giving up on anything unless I can convince myself that it is 100% impossible. If something breaks, I’ll either fix it or reduce it to scrap just to silence the niggling part of my brain that tells me “You should still be able to fix that thing Dave, try harder, have another go”. Consequently I’m pretty good at fixing stuff, but I also have a big box of broken components in my cupboard.

This is a pretty long winded, hyperbolic way of apologising for the lack of new content last year, but it’s also a promise to myself that I will continue to document my progress for as long as it continues. The posts might not be regular (or anything more than rambling soliloquy for that matter)  but they’ll happen eventually. Stay tuned for a quick review of 2012, I’ve got some catching up to do!

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